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Commercial Pest Control

We provide pest control services to a vast range of clients encompassing many industries and organisations such as Construction, Retail, Food Manufacturers, Storage Facilities, Restaurants, Pubs, Cinemas, Retailers, Butchers, Property Management, Colleges, Farms and many more.

The following is an outline of  our pest prevention service which can be altered and adapted to our customer’s needs.

  •     Two to three treatments carried out to set up pest prevention system and ensure premises is rodent free.
  •     Bait boxes set in appropriate areas and highlighted by bait point stickers
  •     Service treatments carried out every six week
  •     Emergency treatments to be carried out same day/24hr period at no extra charge
  •     Pest Control file will be left on site to include action reports, bait point location map, safety data sheets etc.
  •     Detailed service reports will be left after each visit highlighting all action taken, infestation (if any) and proofing requirements
  •     Only pesticides approved under the Department of Agriculture, Food & Marine used.

Bird Free Gel


Bird Free optical gel keeps all birds off all structures. It does so by altering their behaviour, not by acting as a physical barrier.

Bird Free gel is applied in low-profile application dishes, only 10mm high. One of its distinct advantages is that it deters birds from landing even when these dishes are placed behind the leading edge of a parapet or ledge. This makes the dishes of Bird Free invisible from ground level, thus preserving the aesthetic appearance of the building, while at the same time keeping it clean.

Bird Free is formulated so that birds won’t go near it: birds see ultraviolet light and so Bird Free appears to them as fire. Visual deterrence is further reinforced by the selected natural oils contained in Bird Free, which are abhorrent to a bird’s senses of smell, taste and touch.

Unmarked Vehicles


Eradication of Insects


We provide treatments for the eradication of insects:

Flies, Ants, Wasps, Cockroaches, Silverfish and many more...




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